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Project Experience List

Power Project's Management Team has been involved in the following projects:

Ministry of Energy, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

    1 x MS9000 Gas Turbine Generator - Installation & Commissioning

Huntstown Phase II CCGT, Dublin, Ireland

1 x MHI 701F Single Shaft Power Plant - Construction Management

PP7 Saudi Consolidated Electric Company (SCECO) , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

15 X MS7000 Gas Turbine Generators - Controls Upgrade MkII to MkV

Codelco, Tocopilla, Chile1993

1 x MS6001) Installation, Commissioning & Extended Scope Testing

Saltend Co-generation, Hull, United Kingdom

   Overhaul of MS 701F Gas Turbine

Modifications to Cooling Towers

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